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Labor Day Weekend last year:

I was weeks away from giving birth. I was babysitting my two nieces for the whole weekend while my brother- and sister-in-law were out of town.

Dan had taken the prior week off from work, played video games (literally) the entire time with his friends, both in person and also virtually, and then came the second night to help me out with babysitting.

I’d thought, great, he’ll be totally relaxed and ready to support me and he even seemed concerned about me taking so much on while I was pregnant (our kid was there as well, of course). What a great guy.

But Dan was mentally not there, and it was pretty clear he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

I cried so much I gave myself a nosebleed and then couldn’t stop crying while reading to one of the girls. I told her it was my hormones. She said, “Your organs??” I prayed for sweet death or early labor.

Rush Limbaugh, So They Know We Have Guns

Labor Day Weekend this year:

Dan was gone the whole time so it was great. Ha! No seriously, he went camping with a bunch of a friends.

Friday after picking up the kids I took them to a yet-to-be-frequented classic fast food-type place where no fits were had and the service was fantastic. We tried to go to a playground nearby afterwards, but it was closed for COVID reasons.

Not a huge deal, took a quick walk. Couldn’t walk as much as I would have liked because I didn’t think to bring the stroller with me.

Saturday highlights included:

Not putting Eva in the strap-on carrier, but instead placing her in the large race car cart at the grocery store next to her brother. This went well, other than her trying to take his steering wheel from him (she had her own).

Getting a really great photo of a bug on our screen.

Having lunch with my parents and not having a stressful breakdown.


Sunday could have gone better. I went back towards where the closed park was where you can walk near water. I had an idea to stop at a cafe and pick up some food to go (or possibly eat there if that made more sense) but they didn’t pick up and had a full voicemail when I called and were packed when I drove by. I would never have been able to get a stroller in there, even pre-COVID.

So we walked around and I attempted going through a Dunkin Donuts drive-through on the way home. The line was so backed up it was going into the street. I just wanted to get my damn kid a donut and a strawberry coolatta. And pumpkin coffee for me, obviously.

I ended up making us chocolate chip pancakes at home which were not my best, but they did the job. Eva, who had never had chocolate before, certainly approved.

Later that afternoon, we had a picnic in a park. Then Dan came home that night even though I thought he was coming home on Monday, so that was a nice surprise. He kept the kids busy so I could get cleaning done before the work week.

All in all, even though there were a few bad moments – like when Theo accidentally (?) threw a ball at Eva’s face and felt so guilty about it he was literally shaking – and also when I threatened to throw out all of his toys because he wouldn’t pick them up and I went in there with a garbage bag and he started shrieking his head of – I made my goal which was, as it always is, to stay calm.

I just want to be calm. I just want to not lose my shit, especially in front of my kids. I couldn’t keep my shit together last year, but I did this year, and I will live to watch the kids multiple shit-show-filled days in a row another time.

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