“What Do You Consider a Large group?” “Anyone More Than Me.”

A Stoner’s Vacation

Right now I’m watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Thad Luckinbill of The Young and the Restless and I believe a Madonna video is guest starring.

My parents took the kids over the weekend and it was glorious. As part of our date night weekend we drove to a neighboring state where weed is legal to pickup.

I’ve been to a few dispensaries before, but nowhere close to where I currently live. Dan has always gone to pick up. And I stay with the kids. When we can finally go together, of course, it’s curbside pickup only, which kind of defeats the purpose of getting to go in and look around and enjoy the ambiance and legalness of it all.

So the dude came out to the car and it’s like…it’s like when you meet your dealer in a parking lot somewhere and he comes up to your car, except significantly less sketchy.

The ride back home was quasi ruined by numerous pro you-know-who signs.

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