“Duude Where Do You Get Your Weed?” “From You.”

Please Let Me Drink & Smoke – I’m Going to be Pregnant Again in Five Minutes

Back from quarantine. It was rough there for a minute, weed-wise. I went through a bit of a short rough patch but then it came back, and I continued over-indulging, and not just with weed. I’m still loving the beer too much, and on occasion liquor or wine or that thing the kids are calling White Claw.

I keep thinking, okay, I can’t play the “I just had a baby” card anymore. But I still have my shit together. I still take care of the kids and work every day and do yoga and we pay our bills and all that good stuff.

And, trying for number three is getting closer and closer and closer. So I’m trying to strike that balance where I enjoy myself while I still can – I was sober all last summer, come on – but I also don’t want to have four or five beers on a nightly basis, right? Right. So this has been a work in progress. Drinking less or not at all during week days is helping.

Hi! Nice to Meet You. I Mean See You. It’s Just Been so Long. Should We Shake Hands? Bump Elbows?

Recently, we went over to a friend’s house for the first time in months and months. It was so wonderful, and the woman pulled me into another room and just handed me weed and edibles. “I don’t do it that much and I just want someone to have it who appreciates it.” Well, thank you!

That’s actually not why it was wonderful. It was so great to see Theo playing with their son and running around and playing with a water gun and actually being a kid out there, in the world. If I wasn’t so darn strict about bedtime we would have stayed much longer.

My sweet Eva on the other screamed her head off for about 10 minutes straight once we got there. She’s not too used to being around other people in general, I suppose. I imagine there are some adults who when put with others of their same kind after being sequestered for months also feel like opening up their lungs and letting loose.

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