It’s the Final Countdown

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m feeling pretty good, and buzzed. I’ve really enjoyed drinking again and look forward to cutting back and getting healthy once more in the New Year. I had some health issues and sicknesses after giving birth, including developing a cough so bad I am 98% sure I bruised a rib. 

But I have a healthy, happy attitude towards my family, my friends, and my work life going into the New Year. I feel better about my marriage than I think I ever have, after being really unhappy for a good chunk of 2019. (Which was directly tied into the pregnancy.)

I have a new writing project idea I’m excited about. And I’m going to continue with this blog – and more often. It’s been just about a year since I started it, and I didn’t do as much as planned for two reasons.

One, I got pregnant. So I thought I’d write about not smoking weed, and those challenges, and take that angle but it just kind of felt like…I’m not smoking. Here I am. Big deal. Kind of anticlimactic.

And two, I think I felt kind of paralyzed with what I could and should write. I wanted it to be perfectly thought out prose every time but also totally genuine, and anonymous.

As I was typing that sentence, I spilled beer on my laptop. I was literally just going to say I want to challenge myself to make this space authentic, even if I don’t look awesome all the time, so there you go. That’s a clear sign. I should write when I feel like writing even if it isn’t going to be Shakespearean every time.

Damn this was an expensive computer though. Maybe I should make a resolution to take better care of my stuff in 2020.

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