The Last Days of the Last Nine Months

A calamity of things seemed to go wrong in the days leading up to the birth of Baby #2. Two of them involve urine.

I put my keys on top of my car while getting Theo in the car seat. Dan came out to drive us, with his keys, and we drove away with my keys on top of the car. They are now gone forever.

I took Theo to a park. I badly needed to use a restroom, as happens when you’re nine months pregnant and just drank a large pumpkin spiced coffee. But the porta potty that used to be at this playground was missing in action, so I peed in a plastic bag in my car.

Then, at a festival, I peed through my pants less than 10 minutes after using the restroom.

Although that really doesn’t compare to the three pairs of pants I bled through, in public, weeks later when it was determined part of the placenta was still in my uterus.

So all dignity is gone, basically, but other than that thing are going surprisingly well.

A Trifecta of Baby Happiness

The Newborn Hell I was expecting hasn’t been so hellish. It’s not heaven. But maybe somewhere in between. I attribute this not-so-bad baby time to three things (and no, one of them is not weed):

1) Eva is a better baby than Theo was. Not that Theo was bad, he was probably average. But she cries less and sleeps for longer stretches than he did at the same age.

2) Just the fact that she’s the second baby makes this whole thing much easier. I know what to expect and feel more relaxed.

3) The Zoloft has kept the postpartum depression at bay so I’ve actually been able to enjoy my time with her. I don’t feel trapped or stuck with the baby. I feel happy and lucky to be with the baby.

Back to the Weed World

Yes, I have been smoking weed again (and drinking some) and it’s fantastic. I do feel like I’m out of touch with the weed world. Shortly after giving birth I went to go smoke weed by myself when Dan wasn’t home and almost couldn’t find the pot.

That’s because he bought it legally out of state. It wasn’t in the cellophane bag I’m used to – it was in legitimate packaging, of which I then had to figure out the childproofing situation. Which I suppose will come in handy later on when the little ones are bigger.

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