No Weed, Day 118

Virus Bullet Dodged

I dodged a bullet with Theo last week. A kid at his daycare was diagnosed with a serious virus and the next day Theo had a fever and was throwing up.

Dan was set to be out of town for a bachelor party starting Friday morning through Sunday afternoon. I tried to assure him that even though I break down crying from pregnancy hormones and general stress every other day that I totally got this and he was free to enjoy himself.

The doctor said I didn’t have to bring Theo in unless he stopped taking fluids and to just give him Tylenol. Slept okay Thursday night. Was up at 4:30 Friday morning but I convinced him to go back to sleep and he let me sleep until almost 6.

Friday went pretty smoothly, even with me staying at home with him and multitasking with working. A coworker had to take over a client project for me, since I was supposed to visit them that day, so that actually freed me up a lot to get other work done I never would have gotten to. We’re all swamped at the moment. I was thrilled to get in a productive day of working from home.

Shockingly, the other signs of the virus didn’t show up. He had a fever but didn’t throw up again. Was acting like himself. Played outside for part of the day, we took a walk on my lunch break and bought lemonade from some neighborhood girls.

It seemed like too big of a coincidence that this kid had this virus and then Theo got sick right after but with a different, less serious illness. But you know what, maybe it’s not that weird. He’s in daycare, we take him to playgrounds and the grocery store and etc. He could have picked up something else somewhere else at any time.

I’d been on the fence about bringing him to a relative’s graduation party three hours away on Saturday, but on Saturday morning he was fever free so we headed out after his nap.

Another Booze-Free Social Situation

The ride was fine, the weather was nice, my parents were at the party and didn’t drive me crazy, other than messaging me twice while I was driving there.

I saw cousins and aunts and uncles. A couple of them gave Theo some Dublo blocks and trucks/cars…that made a lot of noise. That stressed me out a tad because I didn’t know if I looked like a jerk to the other party guests that they had to hear constant honking and police sirens.

“I didn’t bring them!” I wanted say. “I brought a noise-free truck, I swear!”

And then we had a mini meltdown when leaving because he didn’t get to hang out with their dogs again. But not a huge deal, I can handle tantrums when we’re about to go anyway, and he calmed down after getting a cereal bar in the car.

I had a feeling Theo wouldn’t sleep on the way back and he didn’t, and got to bed two hours after his bedtime. He cried going to bed, and I was worried, but he stopped and slept. Got up at 5:50. Not bad.

End of the Weekend Meltdown

I foolishly continued to be optimistic. Yes, I was now on day three with him alone, potentially all day, but all was good. I told Dan to not feel the need to rush home, we were just fine!

I had coupons to a bookstore half an hour away and decided we could go there and each get a book. I completed most of my usual Sunday cleaning routine before we left. Kitchen counters were wiped down. Rugs were vacuumed. Toilet bowls were cleaned. I was Super Mom.

Theo started falling asleep in the car as we got close, and that should have been my sign to get in and get out and get home for naptime. He’d gotten two fewer hours of sleep the night before than he usually does.

But as we walked in an employee let us know they were doing toddler storytime in half an hour and we should come. After we browsed and I found a book for me and for him he started playing with their train set so I was like, okay, he’ll be occupied with that, we’ll go to the storytime, then go home for nap.

Storytime consisted of two other toddlers, a boy and a girl. The boy got up and moved the whole time, but was sweet and not disruptive. Theo and the little girl actually sat quietly for the three minutes it took to read the book.

After, Theo ran back to the trains. Okay, five minutes with trains, then we’re leaving. The employee who read the story came over and gave me coupon for a free coffee that expired that day.

I’d already hit my pregnancy caffeine limit for the day but what the heck. I deserved it.

As I tried to get Theo to leave he started crying because he wanted to keep playing with the trains. Okay, okay. No coffee, will just buy books and go.

Absolute, complete meltdown. Maybe I could hold him while he’s screaming and they’ll check me out really quickly. Nope. Long line. Exasperated and in tears I put our books down on a random table and walked out the door.

Did I mention I had coupons for the books and we live a half hour away from the bookstore?

I screamed at Theo in the car like you’re not supposed to so loudly I scared him into silence for the majority of the car ride home. Dan had let me know he was on his way home at this point and I could bring him home and not have to deal with him for the rest of the day.

I ugly cried the whole way home. No more Super Mom. No glowing with pregnancy, radiant Super Wife for Dan to come home to.

I put Theo down for a nap, and walked out the door to drive back to the bookstore and get fast food. I did buy Theo’s book but he is not having it today.

Dan is staying true to his word as we speak. They’re outside playing trucks. I had Theo for almost three days, Dan’s had him for about three hours, and I think he wants to dig a hole in the backyard and crawl inside of it right now.

They just came back in and Theo started crying and whining to go back outside. Dan opened the door and let him go outside saying, “What do I have to do to get you to shut up for two minutes? Just go.”

It’s rough. Bedtime is in one hour.

Lessons Learned

I should not have stayed for storytime. I should have known we needed to get back home as soon as possible and not pushed his nap later. In my head, I’m thinking I’m doing something nice for him and he’s going to appreciate it and behave, but he’s two, and that’s not how that works.

Also, I could have bought the books before storytime instead of waiting until after. They would have allowed me to do that. Heh.

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