No Weed, Day 104

I’ll Always Remember the Things My Dad Taught Me

I woke up at 4am this morning stressed out about how Father’s Day was going to go.

We were doing breakfast with my parents at 9am. And then lunch with Dan’s dad and fam at an undisclosed time and location when they finished golfing, if they even golfed, which they might not because of the weather. Dan normally golfed with them but was opting out.

The restaurant only took reservations for parties of six or more, so I was unable to make one and what if breakfast ran too close to lunch? Why the heck couldn’t my father-in-law just pick a time and place beforehand so we could plan ahead like normal people?

And, would we have time to nap Theo in between? He napped late the day before. If not, would he be a total nightmare? Yup. Would he be horrific even if he did nap before lunch? Probably, because it’s a lot for a toddler to sit through two restaurant meals just hours apart.

It was supposed to rain. Normally, I would take him outside when he’s acting up at a restaurant to walk around and get away from other humans but that would be difficult if it was raining.

But, I keep an umbrella in my car. I could also sit with him in the car, if need be, letting him sit in the drivers seat pushing buttons and stuff. He likes that. Maybe that could work.

I Won’t Do Them. Or Understand Them, Really.

At about 5am I fell asleep. Between 5am and 5:50am when Theo woke me up (shout out to Theo for letting me “sleep in”) I had two dreams.

In one, Dan and I were driving to meet my parents separately and I was supposed to bring Theo and I forgot him. I just forgot him.

In the other, my parents had made reservations at the restaurant but it turned out there were two locations of the restaurant and they made them at the wrong one and we couldn’t get in.

But I’ll Remember.

In real life, parents arrived at the restaurant eight minutes before we did and were able to snag a table without a wait. When we arrived, there were multiple families waiting for tables.

We had a nice visit with them, and were home by 10:30am. Theo went down for a nap without protest.

Dan’s dad asked us to come to his house for lunch at 1pm, and to pick up pizza they ordered on the way, meaning no second restaurant for Theo to sit through. Also a later lunch like I was hoping for, instead of closer to noon.

Later at home, Theo and I ate ice cream for dinner while Dan spent time video gaming as previously agreed upon for his Father’s Day fun.

Sometimes things magically work out.

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