No Weed, Day 78

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy is Actually Going to be Studied

Whenever smoking pot during pregnancy has come up in conversation people often bring up that one study that was done in the 70s, of about 60 Jamaican children that showed no ill effects.

I’ve always been like, guys. No one wants to believe that pot doesn’t have a negative effect on pregnancy more than I do. BELIEVE me. But one study, that was done decades ago, with less than 100 participants? I’d really like to see something more substantial.

And now there will be. Admittedly, with even fewer than 60 participants, but it’s happening in 2019 and it’s a start.

The University of Washington is reportedly recruiting 35 women to participate in the study who smoke pot at least twice a week, likely for morning sickness. The ladies are going to be tested to ensure they’re not taking other drugs. They also get $300 for participating.

They might find no adverse affects while I’m denying myself as we speak.

Is My Hiatus Worth It?

If I’ve never mentioned it before, I have a friend who smoked on occasion while pregnant and her child is literally gifted. Skipped a grade.

If I’ve never mentioned it before, I smoked on occasion during my first pregnancy. As in, literally one hit about every few weeks or so.

Sometimes I’m like, what am I doing? Is this really worth it? Why did I decide to totally quit smoking weed again? Am I playing it safe for my baby, or am I trying to prove something to myself, that I can do it?

I think it comes down to a few things:

A) I think it might be too good to be true that it’s totally fine to smoke as much pot as you want when you’re pregnant.

B) I have it on good authority that hospitals in my state drug test babies when they’re born. If they find something, CPS gets called, and that terrifies me. Yes, I could quit as I get closer to my due date, but what if something goes wrong and the baby is really early?

C) I do believe me smoking once in a great while (not the multiple times a day every day I was before) would probably be fine. But it’s kind of like how having one drink once in a great while would be okay. Yeah, I could do it, but I’d like to actually get stoned/drunk, and getting just a tiny taste of that seems almost not even worth it.

D) When I have gotten high while pregnant before I’ve gotten uber paranoid and freaked out by a baby living inside of me, like it’s a parasite and that’s super weird. I mean how fucking bizarre is it that a human being grows inside of you, when you think about it.

E) Yes I’d like to just be able to say I did it.

Big Challenges are Just Around the Bend

So far, I’ve been doing pretty well with the no smoking. I’ve mostly had to deal with just Dan smoking around me, but usually he’s in the basement. If he does smoke near me it’s with the oil pen which doesn’t reek of weed the way smoking a bowl does, so sometimes I don’t even notice.

But tough times are coming up. Social things. I’m one of those people who prefers to have a drink before going to the social thing where I then pretend to have my first drink because that’s how I deal with going out and doing things and seeing people and talking like an adult.

In a couple weeks we’ll be visiting friends who we used to smoke and drink for hours and hours with before we had kids. Now, they have a baby, so there’s that. The mom hasn’t drank for awhile now, and quit smoking while breast feeding, but she’s probably at least smoking again, if not drinking as well. The three of them are going to have a grand old time while I’m probably going to be stuck watching the children.

Soon after that, we have a wedding. And an engagement party. And a family reunion. Lots of people. Lots of socializing. Lots of people drinking and smoking weed.

And there I’ll be. Large, and sober.

This is slightly off topic, but Dan has been losing weight lately and looks like he’s been working out even though he sits on his ass and smokes weed and plays video games. I do yoga daily and jog twice a week and can’t fit into my regular pants. Heh.

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