No Weed, Day 38

Unhappy Clients & Working From Home

As I was leaving the gym tonight I couldn’t help but notice the weather is warming up and it would have been a perfect night to smoke weed outside, instead of hiding in a basement.

Although actually, I’m pretty proud of myself today. I had a client complain about me to my higher ups for the first time, and I think I took it really well. I also felt like my boss had my back and we were on the same page.

I have been wrong about such things before. I’m not the best at reading people. Maybe I thought I was being calm and cool and staying positive and she just saw me smiling like an idiot, not taking this seriously, who knows.

But I didn’t get emotional or upset, I didn’t have to cry in the bathroom, and I didn’t smoke weed.

It helps a lot that I have a good work friend I can talk to about these things, JD. It’s funny I haven’t mentioned him yet, because he’s a weed newbie. Had never smoked before meeting me, but that’s just sort of the influence I have on people I guess!

But yeah, it’s great to have someone to talk to, particularly since Dan is virtually completely unavailable to talk during the work day. I’ve been trying in general to not message or chat with people while working that much – it was something my boss mentioned she saw me doing and found it distracting, which is fair – but it does suck when I’m upset about something if I reach out to my husband I often get no answer.

Which brings me to, in work related news, I may need to work from home tomorrow for daycare related reasons. Dan stayed home with Theo today so if this same issue is still an issue tomorrow it’ll be my turn.

I’m nervous because I don’t think my boss likes me working from home. I’ve done it several times before, when the internet was out at work or there was a snowstorm or something like that, but the one time I actually asked in advance for permission to work from home (I asked three months in advance for a half day when I’d been working there for two years at that point) she definitely balked. Maybe in part because she thinks I’m distracted and chatty.

I know I get my work done on time and I’m not the only one chatting at work, but that’s sort of beside the point.

I vented about this on a workplace blog once, the working from home thing I mean, and someone responded with, “Yeah it’s like that at my work too – if you tell them you’re working from home it’s no big deal but if you ask if you can work from home they tend to say no.”

This is complicated by working from home with a kid. I know different workplaces have different feelings on this. It would be completely fair of her to tell me she’d rather have me take PTO. At the same time, I know I can get a lot of work done and don’t want to take PTO unless I need to.

I was thinking of straight up asking her how she feels about the working from home with a kid there thing, but JD kind of talked me out of it. I think he’s right. If it happens, I’ll tell her what I’m doing, and obviously she has veto power.

And if she does tell me to take the day off instead or to do so next time, it’ll be okay. I do have PTO to use. I’m still not going to get emotional or upset or smoke weed.

As I was walking off the treadmill tonight I was listening to Bananarama’s Venus.

Yeah baby, I do got it.

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