No Weed, Day 20

Not a whole lot to report. Haven’t been feeling great this weekend, headache that could go away in one second with one hit of weed, and sore throat. Although I mostly feel like shit at night as my nose fills with crap when I lay down.

Today it was nice enough out to take a family walk. We came back here where Dan has been playing video games for going on five and half hours straight, while I cooked, cleaned, took care of our son, and put our taxes together.

But that’s fine. It’s all fine. I don’t know about you, but I’m as cool as a cucumber.

We did get a printer yesterday which means no more excuses for not working on my novel. I did a little today. My goal is going to do a little bit every day for the next two weeks – no word limit or time limit or anything, just to make sure to touch it every day for two weeks. Then I’ll see where I am.

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