The Weed & Happiness Connection

I don’t think, at least for me, there’s any question that when you’re stoned a decent amount of the time you tend to be in a better mood. Or at least, a calmer one.

In being pregnant and smoking significantly less I’ve noticed my overall bitchiness increasing and my ability to cope with daily struggles and annoyances decreasing.

Let’s take a look at my marriage. I’m a big believer in picking your battles. If you can let something go, go. I can no longer let anything go.

Here are three recent examples of situations where I completely lost it, when I otherwise might not have:

The Wet Laundry Standoff

Dan left wet laundry sitting in the washer for two to three days. I stubbornly refused to switch it over, because I feel if you start the laundry you should finish it, and if you don’t intend to do that, you should ask me to do it and I’ll be happy to.

Finally, I was out of clean bras and cleaning the rest of the house while he played video games and the rage mounted and mounted and mounted.

This was the big one. The bitchiness that ensued was not in proportion to the crime.

The Diaper Bag Misplacement

Dan left the diaper bag in the living room after picking up Theo from daycare. I normally keep it close to the front door so I can easily grab it when heading out.

I almost forgot it entirely, remembered, came back in (this was already during a trying morning when getting out the door on time was impossible), shouted upstairs to him asking where it was, he said it must be in his car, looked in his car, did not see it, came back in, found it in the living room.

I was a terrible parent and opted not to take my child in and out of the car seat for this fun excursion, and fortunately he was not kidnapped in the process.

The Lucky Charms Deception

Dan finished off the Lucky Charms and instead of throwing the empty box out he replaced it on top of the fridge.

I came home from work starving, having forgone my work lunch – my pregnancy appetite is off and on, particularly when not smoking, and there are times when I’m starving but nothing seems appetizing.

“YAAAS” I literally exclaimed out loud in glee while running to it, and grabbing it, only to be filled with disappointment.

What Would Have Gone Through My Head if I Was Stoned

He doesn’t care as much about the house being clean as I do. If left to his own devices, he would pick up after himself eventually. I care more, and so, I do it. It’s my choice. I could choose not to do it. But if I do do it as it will get done my way, the way I like it.

He brought the diaper bag in from the car. He did. It was in the house. It just wasn’t where I normally put it, and that’s fine. I’ve never even told him I try to put it close the door – I hadn’t vocalized that. How was he to know?

Can’t help him with the Lucky Charms though. Inexcusable.

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